Departure: Ottawa to Sundridge (ON)

We spent Saturday June 8th packing up, saying final goodbyes and shutting down the house. We stuffed ourselves into the van and hit the highway around 4pm heading for South River/Sundridge. Five minutes down the road we made an emergency stop at Ikea for a replacement closet organizer (and some spares) - apparently minimalist wardrobes can still be heavy wardrobes.  

After that, thanks to a blessing from the gods of infant carseat naps, we made good time to Huntsville despite a few dodgy-backroad GPS commands. A quick stop for gas and a diaper change had us pulling into a friend's driveway around 10pm. 

Current plans have us hanging around this neck of the Ontario woods until Sunday (June 16) as RW waits for CDs to ship, does some recording, has a local radio performance/interview and plays a gig in South River on Saturday night. 

~ A

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