Bennett Spring SP to Granite Park (IL) (via St. Louis)

With the van loaded up with free Troutapalooza swag thanks to the lovely park attendants, we said goodbye to free park-wide wifi and continued towards St. Louis via the "Trail of Tears". Travelling through the Ozark Highlands and Missouri wine country apparently (sweet reds mainly) we started spotting the occasional tree changing colour. We also saw our first Ontario license plate in months. 

Driving through St Louis, we were struck by how quickly American cities transition from "good" to "bad" neighbourhoods; from a block of beautiful restored brick homes next to a block of buildings falling apart. We got a peak at the famous Gateway Arch before stopping for treats at Tower Grove Creamery and a walk through beautiful Tower Grove Park. 

Crossing over the bridge into Illinois (a land with strict penalties on cigarette smuggling it seems), we were thankful to find a cozy Walmart in Granite Park despite our dear GPS's best efforts to get us lost. 

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