New Salem SP to Indiana Dunes SP (IN)

From New Salem, we saw a few more (read: constant) corn fields - at one point watching a corn husk blowing across the road we decided they should be call Illinois Tumbleweeds.

We made a stop in Normal to pick up some groceries at a Normal Walmart (sorry, had to be said) before jumping on the I-80 at Joliet to regretfully by-pass Chicago, opting to save it for another day. Shortly after we left the "Land of Lincoln" for Indiana: "The Crossroads of America" (more like the "Land of Strippers" if you go by billboards). This also marked the official end to our on-and-off-again relationship with Route 66.

After a long day of trying to find a laundromat, we treated ourselves to a second night in a row of electrical hook-ups and showers. Plus it let us legitimate our time in Indiana to more than a drive-by.

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