Pinery PP to Ottawa (via Cayuga, Rockwood and Prescott)

In keeping with our excellent luck on this trip, we fluked into being back in Canada for Thanksgiving and no one refused us when we invite ourselves to dinner-and-a-driveway with 2 days notice. And of course, as had been another theme of this trip, we were very thankful for good friends and family.

We also had many other reasons to be thankful this year.

Thankful to America for an amazing trip through a beautiful country with awesome $2 wine, many cool accents and consistently-friendly people.

Thankful for getting back to Canada - a fabulous country with expensive booze, cheap healthcare and year-long parental leaves.

Thankful to our solid little van Dolly for holding her aged-self together and keeping us cozy at night.

Thankful for our awesome kids who napped and held bladders like champions.

Thankful for my amazing husband who kept the van running and drove her safely all over this continent, despite the occasional apparently homicidal tendencies of our dear GPS.

Finally, thankful to be back to our little house in Ottawa with its spacious area to play with toys, endless hot shower water and full-sized refrigerator.

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