The plan

This is the plan:

We'll be staying mostly in provincial parks (PP), national parks (NP), state parks (SP), state forests (SF) or national forests (NF). We're planning (aka naively hoping) to drive only about 4 hours between destinations. We need to be in Edmonton for August 4th. We're still debating heading to Whitehorse after Smithers. We want to stretch out the summer in the southern US. We're not planning on many major tourist destinations or spending much time in big cities. We'd like to get back to Ottawa before it gets really cold so the last bit is rather sketchy since we don't know how much time we'll have.



Ottawa - Huntsville 
Huntsville - Chutes PP 
Chutes PP - Lake Superior PP 
Lake Superior PP - Rainbow Falls PP 
Rainbow Falls PP - Sandbar Lake PP 
Sandbar Lake PP - Rushing River PP 
Rushing River PP - Birds Hill PP (30 minutes outside Winnipeg)

Birds Hill PP - Rainbow Beach PP 
Rainbow Beach PP - Duck Mountain PP 
Duck Mountain PP - Blackstrap PP (1 hour outside Saskatoon)

Blackstrap PP - Buffalo Pound PP 
Buffalo Pound PP - Cypress Hills PP 
Cypress Hills PP - Dinosaur PP 

Dinosaur PP - Calgary 
Calgary - Glacier NP 

British Columbia - Alberta Loop:
Glacier NP - Kelowna 
Kelowna - Grand Forks 
Grand Forks - Kokanee Creek PP 
Kokanee Creek PP - Mount Fernie PP 
Mount Fernie PP - Sylvan Lake 
Sylvan Lake - Spring Lake RV Resort (30 minutes outside Edmonton)
Spring Lake RV Resort - Jasper 
Jasper - Purden Lake PP (1 hour outside Prince George)

British Columbia:
Prince George - Smithers 
Smithers - Beaumont PP 
Beaumont PP - Ten Mile Lake PP 
Ten Mile Lake PP - Marble Canyon PP 
Marble Canyon PP - Horseshoe Bay  
Horseshoe Bay - Nanaimo 
Nanaimo - Tofino 
Tofino - Victoria 
Victoria - Vancouver 
Vancouver - Larrabee SP 


Larrabee SP - Seattle 
Seattle - Ocean City SP 

Ocean City SP - Cape Disappointment SP 
Cape Disappointment SP - Beacon Rock SP (via Portland) 
Beacon Rock SP - Jessie M Honeyman SP (via Salem/Eugene)
Jessie M Honeyman SP - Jedediah Smith SP 

Jedediah Smith SP - Humboldt Redwoods SP 
Humboldt Redwoods SP - Sonoma Coast SP 
Sonoma Coast SP - San Francisco 
San Francisco - Henry Cowell Redwoods SP (1 hour outside San Francisco) 
Henry Cowell Redwoods SP - Montana de Oro SP 
Montana de Oro - Angeles NF (1 hour outside Los Angeles) 
Angeles NF - Joshua Tree NP 
Joshua Tree NP - Lost Dutchman SP 

Lost Dutchman SP - Dead Horse Ranch SP (30 minutes outside Sedona) 
Sedona - Sitgreaves NF 
Sitgreaves NF - Cibola NF 
Cibola NF - Guadalupe Mountains NP 

Guadalupe Mountains NP - Big Bend NP 
Big Bend NP - Seminole Canyon SP 
Seminola Canyon SP - Mustang Island SP
Lake Texana SP - Sea Rim SP 
Sea Rim SP - Palmetto Island SP 

Palmetto Island SP - Bayou Segnette SP (30 minutes outside New Orleans)
Bayou Segnette SP - Grayton Beach SP 

Grayton Beach SP - Little Talbot SP 
Little Talbot SP - Skidaway Island SP (30 minutes outside Savannah)

Skidaway Island SP - Francis Marion NF 

South Carolina
Francis Marion NF - Carolina Beach SP 

North Carolina:
Carolina Beach SP - Goose Creek SP 
Goose Creek SP - Cape Henlopen SP 

Cape Henlopen SP - Bald Eagle SP 

Bald Eagle SP -  Harriman SP 

New York:
Harriman SP - Green Mountain NF 

Green Mountain NF - Harold Parker SF (1 hour outside Boston)

Harold Parker SF - Bradbury Mountain SP (30 minutes outside Portland)

Bradbury Mountain SP - Little River SP

Little River SP - Ottawa

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