We're trying to focus on yesterday's positive omens.

We had a bunch of wonderful family and friends over for a "van-warming/meet-the-van" party. Everyone who came seemed to think that this insane plan of ours was a great idea - either we know a bunch of talented liars or they genuinely meant what they said. Regardless, it felt really good to get such an overwhelming endorsement and a ton of positive energy directed our way.

One guest even found a four-leaf clover on our lawn. I'm framing it and bringing it with us. We might need it.

Yesterday's less-than-positive signs included:

  • the spontaneous snapping of the tie holding my beloved decorative plate just as I took it down from the kitchen wall to move it in to the van. Smash.
  • the metal support holding the stair rail to the basement breaking off as RW was using it - thankfully, no injuries resulted
  • poor B spiking a fever about 2 minutes before people were supposed to start arriving (she was quarantined to her room for a chunk of the day)
  • a crazy collection of weather alternating constantly between gale-style winds, rain and high-UV sun
  • RW tripping on his way to give a van tour and seriously spraining breaking his ankle foot
My plan for the next few days involves prayers to a few random deities, cleaning the van and burning some sage - a practical approach to superstition and karma-balancing.

~ A

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