Chutes PP to Pancake Bay PP

Due to a slight miscalculation (i.e., give or take an hour of driving) on the navigator's part (I blame the GPS, road atlas and lack of cell signal) and a couple of kids who decided they were done with driving for the day, we lucked upon Pancake Bay PP instead of one of the campsites within Lake Superior PP proper.

And, thanks to Pancake Bay, I've been forced to confront my previous oceanic-snobbery. I've fallen in love with Lake Superior. Despite it's somewhat disturbingly over-the-top embodiment of Canadian cliches.

After we parked the van, I headed down to the beach to enjoy the view. I happened to notice a pair of Canadian geese swimming with their 3 babies. Heartwarming.

Then I noticed the pair of loons swimming in the background. Too much. I looked around willing a moose or beaver to wander out of the woods for an evening swim. Sadly, only mosquitoes decided to join the show.

The next morning I drank my coffee (no, not Tim's, I haven't gone completely CanCon) on the beach watching my children folic in the sand in their longjohns getting slightly sunburnt while slapping bugs and scratching bites.

If you need a hit of Canada, this place is dishing it all up.

~ A


  1. Love the pics so far! Hope you're having a blast!

    1. And the prize for first comment on the blog goes to Jason!!!! Jason you've won a free trip to the curry buffet of your choice!!!!

      ~ A