Dauphin to Greenwater Lake PP (SK)

Leaving Manitoba, we noticed a counter-intutive transition from the relative flat to the rolling hills of the "Lake of the Prairies" region. Skirting Duck Mountain through the Swan Lake Conservation Area heading northward we suddenly and quietly crossed into Saskatchewan near Arran.

RW made me take a picture of the cows standing in the woods because somehow this was very funny to him. Between you and me, I think he made be getting a tad road-cracked.

Doing some dishes in Lintlaw during a pee-and-stretch break we got to experience a brief prairie thunderstorm. Sadly, we missed Lintlaw's Polka Fest by a couple of days.

We spent the night at Greenwater enjoying an amazing beach and beautiful playground. We also took some time to hit a Saskatchewan liquor store to further our research into the whether sex is used to sell only bad wine. Given the flagrant marketing attempt, the wine was actually pretty good.  

~ A

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