Winnipeg - Day 2

Having enjoyed one day in Winnipeg, we decided to hang around for a second. The main event for Day 2 was the Assiniboine Zoo. A really cool little zoo in the middle of an amazing park in the middle of Winnipeg.

Sadly, our trip to Assiniboine Park got caught much too short by a major rainstorm. We tried to wait it out in a small indoor area and were treated to a special zoo spectacle and natural "teaching moment": alligator hugs.

When the rains stopped falling, we enjoyed a second night of Walmart boondocking by playing in the giant puddles after closing time.

~ A

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  1. Am I on drugs? How did I miss the zoo post? That is such a sweet picture of hesitant Beth with the camel. And hugging alligators = more alligators. You should have stopped them. -Pam