Winnipeg - Day 1

After a quick trip from Bird's Hill to Winnipeg, we headed straight for downtown and The Forks to check out the market and the Manitoba Children's Museum. The Forks was a really fun, bustling place and we grabbed a quick lunch/snack before finding the museum.

B had a blast at the museum and it definitely made us wish Ottawa had something similar. 

Finishing up downtown we hit up our first Manitoba liquor store to check out the selection and invent a game we called "Cowboys versus Vampires". Vampires won but only by a narrow margin. Despite the crazy labels, both wines were really tasty. 

RW wanted to hand deliver a couple of CDs to his pedal steel player Jordan so we invited ourselves to his house. Jordan and his lovely wife were kind enough to allow the van-hillbilly-family to crash their afternoon and RW enjoyed a good music-nerd bonding session while B enjoyed playing around on a spare drum kit.

~ A

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