Dryden to Bird's Hill PP (MB)

Pulling out of Dryden fairly early (for us) Friday (June 21), we aimed ourselves for Kenora and sent a prayer to the carseat nap gods.

That prayer was answered. Meaning we made it all the way to Manitoba before having to take an ice cream break but also that we only breezed-through beautiful Kenora. Kenora, we're sorry, maybe someday we'll be back. Without a baby.

On the (blissfully quiet) trip we noted, as we sat at the 100th temporary highway red light, that we'd chosen to travel during the year that apparently Ontario is replacing ALL of it's Northern bridges. We also enjoyed noting that, after Dryden, the Ministry of Highways has surrendered the attempt to be bilingual and no longer provides French versions of the helpful roadsign guidance such as "Fatigue kills. Take a break."

Arriving at Bird's Hill PP, we noted a decided reduction in the number of blood-sucking bugs, a lower price for camping and some really cool environmentally-friendly design. So far Manitoba is proving quite charming.

~ A

PS We're a bit behind on the news due to some CBC-deadzones but my heart goes out to the people impacted by the floods in Alberta. Not sure how this will change our travel plans but we're definitely not camping near any river banks anytime soon.

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  1. And now, the flat! Miles and miles of FLAT!