Thunder Bay to Dryden

After a shockingly good night's sleep in the Walmart RV ghetto and a tasty van-cooked breakfast, we hopped back on the road. Driving through the remarkably unremarkable landscape of post-Superior Ontario (the unrelenting dullness of sad pine trees broken only by the excitement of crossing the time zone line) we made good time to our next potential campsite of Sandbar Lake PP. Reaching Ignace ON, we elected to press on to Dryden lured by the promise of another Walmart parking lot and a laundromat.

In Dryden we found more of the same friendly, lovely, generous people we've been meeting throughout Northern Ontario. And a place where we could wash our clothes whilst meeting our bait needs.

~ A

Of course though, where there's a will there is indeed a way. And where there's a B there's a search for a park. So we left A and L to charm the locals and after a few dozen blocks we came across a great little park.


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