Dinosaur PP to Calgary

Apologies for the delay in updates - we didn't mean to panic anyone into thinking that the dreaded Jurassic mosquitoes ate us.

In order to properly celebrate being on the road for one full month, we decided to park the van in front of my brother G and his lovely wife-to-be's house in Calgary and take over their very nice guest room. And shower. And laundry room. Just in time for Stampede.

We prepared ourselves for the full Stampede experience by practicing our hat-wearing skillz and eating a big power-meal of burgers (1.5 patties per burger), milk shakes and onion rings (pro-tip: skip the fries) at Peter's Drive-In - a Calgary institution.

We also decided to get the full Stampede experience and go on BMO Children's Day when entrance is free before 9:30am for all adults as long as you bring a child you can pretend is yours (they even had a building where you could claim one or two). I now have a great deal of empathy for herd animals. The only quiet part of the whole Stampede ground was the Canadian Food Inspection Agency booth. Apparently kids these days have no appreciation for mad cow disease.

Highlights of Stampede included seeing some random people dressed as Star Wars characters (space cowboys?), RW picking up a "Hell or High Water" 2013 themed t-shirt (sadly not available in onesies) and B getting to watch a live musical performance by Barney (she can never claim we didn't love her). L slept through almost everything but woke up in time to express some sadness over the degree of branding (pun intended) that has taken over Stampede.

~ A

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