Calgary to Moyie Lake PP (BC)

After enjoying the wonderful hospitality of my brother and his fiancee for a few days, we decided we had to leave before we got too comfortable in their guest accommodations. With the destination of my mother's home in Grand Forks in mind, we decided to change our route go through the Crowsnest Pass, having heard that it was well worth seeing.

As we left Calgary taking the "Cowboy Trail" of Highway 22, the flat prairie quickly gave way to foothills with mountains visible in the distance. A lucky rest stop at the Leitch Colleries ruins gave us a chance to learn a bit about the mining history of the Crowsnest/Turtle Mountain area including several tragic mining accidents and the "Frank Slide". A few minutes after leaving the Colleries, we found ourselves driving right through the middle of the extremely impressive remains of Frank Slide with boulders the size of our van on both sides of the highway.

Not long after, we crossed into BC. With another rest break in a parking lot outside of Fernie, we arrived in time for a late dinner at our campsite in Moyie Lake.

~ A

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