Moyie Lake PP to Grand Forks

From Moyie we had a fairly early start to the day thanks to our first experience with being charged for an 8:30am wake-up call in a campground. Delivered by an over-eager park staffer determined to ensure we paid for our site after arriving near closing the night before.

Heading into the mountains gave the poor van a serious work-out and our break at the top of the Kootenay Pass was as much for her as for us. While the van was recuperating, we were able to take a walk around Stag Leap Provincial Park and Bridal Lake (renamed to symbolize the "marriage" of east and west that occurred when the highway was completed).

Cruising downhill for a ways, we enjoyed some incredible views coming into Castlegar.

In keeping with our casually glacial travel pace, we made it to hot vacation spot Christina Lake (located 20 minutes from Grand Forks) before the girls let us know they needed a break. A couple of ice cream cones from Kool Treats (located on Kool Treats Ave) later, we made it the final short distance Grand Forks with a couple of napping kids in tow.

~ A

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  1. The third picture down looks fake it's so perfect. Are you sure you guys aren't just hanging in Ottawa photoshopping pictures and taking a break from visitors mauling your cute children? -Suspicious Pam