Sask Landing PP to Cypress Hills IP

We left Sask Landing and made our way through Swift Current connecting up with the Trans Canada. The sight of oil wells reminding us that we were getting closer to Alberta. An interesting contrast to the wind generators we could see in the distance.

Both RW and I seeing a vision of the bust of Shakespeare in a large sandhill on the side of the highway gave us our first "fear-and-loathing-where-the-buffalo-roam" moment of the roadtrip.

The centre block of Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park was a bit of a surprise. It's much more developed than we'd expected (e.g., swimming pool, mini golf, multiple stores) and the camping area was very suburban. To the extent that there was a street light right beside our site that was on all night. And it was not a cute little Mr Tumnus street lamp either.

Also, RW joked that we lowered resale values of all the giant new RVs just by pulling into the site. There goes the neighbourhood.

Redeeming features included a cool log fort right beside us that B found some friends to play in with and the amazing all-night thunderstorms that rolled though. Rain on the van roof has got to be one of my favourite sounds in the world.

~ A

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  1. That is one packed campground. Looks like a parking lot with trees.