Danielson PP to Saskatchewan Landing PP

Both of these parks are located on Lake Diefenbaker which makes it sound like a huge lake but it's actually more of a wide part of the South Saskatchewan River. If I've learned one thing about Saskatchewan people, it's that they love their Diefenbaker almost as much as their Rough Riders.

The trip to Sask Landing was pretty if uneventful. I took an obligatory pic of one of the ubiquitous (iconic?) canola fields. We also had a rest break in Kyle, a little town that takes great pride in the wholly mammoth that was unearthed when they were putting the road through.

Sask Landing turned out to be far more interesting a spot than I'd anticipated. The geography in the area makes it feel like you're at the bottom of a drained Marianas Trench (the deep sea trench not the emo band). The river water was cold but our family fish B and RW still managed to enjoy a swim.

Later that evening, we caught a free concert in the park by Juno award winning children's performer Peter Puffin. B quite enjoyed the participatory aspect of the show.

~ A

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