Great Canadian Mixtape

After a few days of subjecting my loved ones to "my own ego made manifest" ( see above picture ) It was due time to get back to DJ iPod. 

I find ipod shuffle can be hit and miss at the best of times, but we've been blessed so far on this trip and there have been few skipped songs. I've also noted that the incredible amount of can-con on my ipod is very apt for this trip across the country. 

Some more travel-esque tunes that we've had the pleasure to rock out to include:

Blue Rodeo - Lost Together
Matt Mays - Where am I Going
Hawksley Workman - On the Highway tonight
Ron Hawkins and The Rusty Nails - Crackstatic
Sarah Harmer - I Am A Mountain
Shannon Lyon - Lake Huron
Hayden - Home By Saturday
Jim Bryson - 26 Miles By Car
Joel Plaskett - Maybe We Should Just Go Home
Still Winter Hills - Silver Springs
Kathleen Edwards - Summerlong
Spirit of The West - The Old Sod
Lindi Ortega - Black Fly
The Waltons - The End Of The World
Jill Barber - Don't Go Easy
Alun Piggins - Heading OUt West
Buck 65 - Wicked and Weird
Amy Millan - All the Miles
Oh Suzanna - Unknown Land
The Weakerthans - One Great City!
Po' Girl - 9 Hours To Go
Elliott Brood - The Bridge
Stephen Fearing - The Longest Road
Wil - Both Hands
Cowboy Junkies - Miles From Our Home

We also got to listen to the great new album from Tilda - Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor. Thanks to Mr. Peterson for getting that to us!

So much great music ( and the list just scratches the surface )

What a great bloody country!


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