Saskatoon - Day 4

We decided to take a chance and, despite hearing nothing from Can Tire that morning, check out of the hotel rather than have to pay for an extra day (waterslides and cable TV don't come cheap it seems).

The service centre was unable to give us any details other than it should be done by the afternoon. The unfortunately very suburban location of the Can Tire meant that we were stuck hanging out in various big box stores. For 5 hours. I officially never want to go shopping again.

At 4pm we checked back in at Can Tire and were told Dolly was good to go! I have never been so happy in my life to say goodbye to a nice town. I only wished we could have seen some more of the nicer parts of Saskatoon.

Re-installed in the van, we made a tragically fruitless detour to Pike Lake PP before heading (with reservations this time) to Danielson PP. On the way to Danielson, we had a bit of excitement when we had to pull over to let some HUGE pieces of what looked like the new Death Star go by in wideload trailers.

We arrived at Danielson (located beside the Gardiner Dam on Lake Diefenbaker) to the stunning sight of 1000s of dragonflies in the sky doing their part to reduce the mosquito population.

We all slept well that night - relieved to be snuggled back into our beloved van.

~ A

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