Saskatoon - Day 3

We were awoken with exciting news: they had the part the van needed and it should be fixed by the afternoon!

With hope in our hearts and a skip in our step, we checked out of the hotel at 11am and taxied ourselves back to Can Tire. Only to get a message on RWs phone the minute the cab pulled away that they needed another part. From Edmonton.

Making a quick call we were thankfully able to weasel our way back into our recently-vacated hotel room and avoid having to wait hours until check-in time. We bought some groceries (upgrading our luggage to include a shopping cart) and hopped the Can Tire courtesy shuttle back to the pool.

A few hours later, growing a tad shackwacky, we decided to check out the Western Development Museum and it's "1910 Boomtown". Very cool and a bit freaky at turns, we all enjoyed the museum and some buffalo burgers in it's cafe before grabbing another cab (with an awesomely-informative and enthusiastic driver) back to the hotel for another swim.

~ A

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