Our arrival in Smithers coincided with the 100 centennial birthday of the town. And an unrelated-but-impressive large bang (a truck blew up and took out a block of downtown buildings).

We had a blast (pun-intended) in Smithers. It's an amazing little town in an amazing location. To give you an idea of how great Smithers is: they have too many family doctors in town. You can practically get a physical on any street corner. The legit kind.

We hit a ton of great places in-and-around the town. We had the excellent luck to camp in the driveway of a local doc (they're everywhere I swear) on Lake Kathlyn with a view of the glacier; we had lunch (twice) at Two Sisters, a tasty eatery with a great patio-and-toy area that B adored; we took a (nerve-racking) chairlift up to the top of Hudson's Bay Mountain to enjoy the amazing alpine view and a yummy BBQ (fear makes everything taste better I find); we took advantage of a loaner cottage on Seymour Lake and convinced ourselves to try the GIANT rope swing (a few delicious Rickard's Shandies helped give us courage); we got L vaccinated by the lovely people at the public health office; we visited nearby Telkwa to check out the rivers and the local ice cream truck; RW survived a mountainous ride up to Twin Falls; we explored the fossils at Driftwood Canyon PP and; hit Tyhee PP for another swim.

~ A

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  1. I have been a sporadic commenter. I'm guilty. Awesome picture of you guys with the beer bottle...