Prince George to Smithers

We were a little disappointed to note that Prince George didn't have any signs of celebration related to the second (third? fourth?) coming of their namesake (i.e., the birth of the latest, greatest Prince George). Not too many loyal royal fans I guess.

With the smell of pulp-and-paper wafting on the breeze, we pulled out of Walmart fully-stocked with essentials including cinnamon-and-raisin peanut butter and purple toilet paper.

On the drive we had the exciting experience of witnessing a logging truck try to race a hay truck on a two-lane highway. Towards us. In disbelieve, I found myself looking around for a brick truck, some pigs and a breathless wolf to complete the fantasy.

Other highlights of the drive included a sign for Fort St James advertising "world class chicken racing", a break in Vanderhoof the "geographical centre of BC" and another break in Hinton to check out the world's largest fly-fishing pole.

~ A

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