Mount Robson PP to Prince George

Thanks to the Jasper Camping Disaster, we were slightly ahead of schedule and so decided to drive straight to PG.

Continuing on the Yellowhead through the pretty-but-empty Robson Valley alongside the milky-green Fraser River we stopped for a second breakfast of eggs and bacon jerky (best invention ever) in McBride.

During another rest break by Slim Creek, we finally learned about the origin of the name "Yellowhead" (a blond Iroquois named Pierre was nicknamed Tete Jaune apparently) and about the rare inland rainforest through which we were travelling (it's rare).

On the drive to PG, the miles and miles (and miles) of uninterrupted managed forests that line the route serve as a reminder that forestry is still big business in BC. Though, likely not as big as the smaller, more subtle, house-based "forestry" operations that also contribute to the BC economy.

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