Spring Lake to Mount Robson PP (BC)

After seeing my adorable brother G and his gorgeous wife hitched (as soon as they found those lost rings and made it official), we set our sights west once more driving towards Smithers, BC to visit a friend living there.

A brief detour to Wabamun in search of propane got us the once-in-a-lifetime chance to view the world's largest dragonfly.

Taking the Yellowhead Highway to Jasper, we got a laugh in Hinton seeing the signs at the local IGA offering free overnight camping and free ice for RVers (competing with the local Walmart is tough it seems). We also enjoyed watching a mile-long line-up of cars trying to view some mountain goats having a snack near the side of the road.

We had initially planned on staying at a campground in Jasper NP but fate (and poor map-reading skills on my part) intervened to have us spend a nice night at nearby park-underdog Mount Robson PP (Lucerne campground) instead.

Remind me to advise you to avoid asking me about the time I paid $20 not to camp in Jasper NP.

~ A

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