Henry Cowell Redwoods SP to Bakersfield

Our growing frustration with the non-stop rush hour-style traffic in California coupled with a homing-instinct beginning to kick-in, we decided to leave the coast and head eastward. Driving through green strawberry fields hedged with cactus and framed by rolling brown foothills, we took a break at Casa de Fruta (co-located with Casa de Wine, Sweets and Gas) - a dried-fruit-stand-cum-semi-budget-themepark.

Taking Interstate 5 past the San Luis Reservoir, we enjoyed 3 hours of highway littered with tires and apples, an endless sea of fruit trees and brown hills of the "congress created dust bowl" (as indicated by the many, many signs we saw). Other signs stated that "speed enforced by aircraft" - a term which takes on a new meaning in light of the increasing use of drones by the US military.

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