Lost Dutchman SP to Cottonwood (via Sedona)

From Lost Dutchman SP, we found our way northward to Sedona, noting the how beautiful the highways are in Arizona where simple overpasses are decorated with xeriscaping and animal reliefs. We also noted that Arizona has many names (gulch, wash, creek, river) which all apparently mean "dry ditch" - like the desert version of 50 words for snow I guess.

After a stop at a Trader Joe's in Prescott to grab some essentials like a couple bottles of the infamous "Two-Buck Chuck" red wine, some bacon cheddar cheese and a 6-pack of pumpkin ale, we drove into the shocking red mountains of Coconino NF and Sedona. Finding Sedona to be a bit more touristy than we like (picture Banff with red rocks, adobes and shops offering aura photos), we drove down into Oak Creek Canyon to Slide Rock SP located on the site of an old apple farm.

Sadly, Slide Rock SP didn't offer camping and closed early. So, too soon, we headed to the nearest cozy Walmart to spend another night listening to coyotes hunting in the distance (somehow less romantic in a parking lot).

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