Cottonwood to Bluewater Lake SP (NM)

As we drove from Cottonwood towards the pine trees and mountains of Flagstaff, we had the rare (and highly amusing) chance to see a sign advising travellers that the Grand Canyon was in fact closed. Thankfully, the US government shut-down did not impact our travel plans as we had intended to stay mainly in state parks anyway.

We made a stop in Winslow AZ to do some laundry and take a few music-nerd photos before grabbing historic Route 66 towards Albuquerque. Driving through scrubland, we saw signs advertising any type of "Indian" souvenir you could want including 2 for $10 t-shirts, leather hats and 50% fireworks.

We arrived in New Mexico to find that we'd missed a time change somewhere around Arizona and, with the red hills of the Painted Desert in the distance, we spent a nice night at Bluewater Lake SP - the first legitimate body of water we'd seen in days.

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