Bluewater Lake SP to Albuquerque

Opting for a shorter day of driving, we decided to check out the Old Town of Albuquerque (it gets easier to spell every time) near the Rio Grande and some cheap and/or free museums.

After driving through shrub-dotted plateaus and roadside lava fields, we arrived in Albuquerque and made a quick trip through the beautiful art gallery and history museum. One highlight for me was seeing a rare 47 star flag which was produced in the month between New Mexico and Arizona joining the Confederacy. Next we hit-up the amazing kids science museum "explora!" where L practiced crawling while B played with lasers, water, air and electricity.

We took a quick drive through the heart of the cool-but-touristy Old Town on our way to get dinner at Golden Crown Panaderia - a must-visit in Albuquerque if there is one with their green-chili pizza crust, free cookies and in-house aquaponics system growing tomatoes and goldfish. We ate our delicious dinner picnic-style in the Tricentennial Park (located right next to the Old Town and the museums) before parking for the night at Walmart where RW enjoyed experiencing his first attempted drive-by conversion by some eager Seventh-Day Adventists.

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