Albuquerque to Amarillo (TX)

We had a late start to the day thanks to some engine troubles and had the chance to meet a fellow Roadtrekker. Which led to finding out that we were perhaps the only Roadtrek in New Mexico unaware that there was a giant meet-up planned for the Balloonfest taking place that weekend. Bummer.

After getting the van back in working order, we left the pretty scenery of Albuquerque back into some intensely boring interstate driving alleviated only by the billboards, driving past Milagro (see Keremeous comments about beanfields and wars) and seeing our first tumbleweed.

We took a break at Park Lake in Santa Rosa for some playground time and a quick swim in the pool-ized lake. Continuing our drive through farmlands and red water; spotting the iconic Route 66 "Cadillac Ranch" before pulling into a Walmart where the strong smell of cow poop on the breeze let us know we were officially in Texas.

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