Amarillo to Red Rock Canyon SP (OK)

Leaving Amarillo heading east on the I-40 (aka "Purple Heart Trail") it was flat farmland as far as you could see in either direction. We drove past an impressively massive rest area/tornado shelter before crossing the Texas panhandle into the red fields of Oklahoma where we had our first armadillo sighting (dead, upside down on the side of the road sadly).

We took a longer break in Elk City to check out Ackley Park and the huge annual flea market going on there (for all your vintage gun and knife needs) before driving to Red Rock Canyon SP (we can't get enough of the red rock apparently). Our night at Red Rock was spent listening to the cicadas sing there hearts out with a storm warning hanging in the air. A large thunderstorm came through later that night bringing a few hours of heavy rains and some amazing non-stop "strobe" lightening.

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