Red Rock Canyon SP to Vinita (via Tulsa)

In the morning we had a late start leaving Red Rock enjoying the cool canyon breezes as a welcome relief from the hot, A/C-busted van. We opted to pass Oklahoma City (OKC) and head for Tulsa lured by promises of nice riverside parks and stunning Art Deco architecture. Sadly, we found downtown Tulsa to be a complete ghost town on a beautiful Saturday at 5pm. Like creepy-empty. Like looking for zombies empty. Attention hipster gentrifiers of the world: downtown Tulsa needs your help!

Not finding much to do in Tulsa, after a park break, we took the "Will Rogers Turnpike" to a Walmart in Vinita perfectly located right off the turnpike - though it did turn out to also be the "all night train horn sounding" capital of the planet. Nonetheless, we enjoyed celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary with a bottle of Charles Shaw's (aka Two Buck Chuck's) finest vintage red that we saved for the occasion.

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