Good Spirit PP to Regina

And so, in search of cheap haircuts and armed with a desire to boldly go where no one recommends going, we headed for the "town that rhymes with... fun" (thanks Stef!) or as my brother said when he visited it last winter: "Regina looks like Baghdad with snow".

A couple of hours of naptime driving took us past several small praire towns including Ituna (which RW said sounded like a less-than-successful Apple product) and pretty Fort Qu'Appelle located in the heart of a small valley.

While waiting for a family haircut appointment, we took B to the Regina Zoo (aka Petland) and a large store selling an amazing assortment of guns and decoys.

Regina - I think we could learn to love you.

~ A


  1. My birthday is early November...I want a Jerky Gun...

  2. I think my new goal is for my house to be a better attraction than the Regina Zoo -Pam