Saskatoon - Day 1

Our first full day in Saskatoon started off nicely with a quick drive to the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo. We enjoyed seeing some grizzly bears, lynx, alpacas, wolves and bald eagles... sleeping.

After finishing up at the zoo we decided to hit a laundromat recognizing that most things would likely be closed the next day (Canada Day). As the last load was in the dryer, the van started acting up and died in the laundromat parking lot. Good times. We got to take our fancy CAA membership for a ride and call a tow truck. Thankfully the lovely tow truck driver was able to give the battery an extra long boost so we could (very patriotically) make it to a Canadian Tire parking lot before the van died again. RW tipped the tow truck driver one of his CDs. If RW becomes the Rodriguez of Saskatchewan we'll all know why.

So that's how we got to spend the night before Canada Day. Camping in a Canadian Tire parking lot. Watching the sun set.

Something I think every Canadian should try.

~ A

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