Banff NP to Sylvan Lake

Leaving Tunnel Mountain we made a short tour of Banff before driving to Canmore and doing the same thing there. Both were pretty (and pricey) towns we'd like to visit again when we have more time and money. And a few less napping babies.

Once out of the mountains, we were quickly back in the land of oil wells. And plumbers with a good sense of humour about their names and professions it seems.

Due to a tragic navigational oversight, we were unable to find the time to visit the infamous Torrington Gopher Hole Museum and its amazing dioramas (warning: only click the link if you find taxidermied animals in human clothing to be utterly hilarious - some things you just can't unsee).

Sylvan Lake located just outside of Red Deer is a cool little town, major summer party-spot and the home of one of my oldest, best friend and her awesome little family. L enjoyed sampling the baby entertainment devices and we barely saw B the entire time for all the hardcore playing she was into with her friends. A major highlight for B was having her friend bring her an ice cream cone while she was on the potty watching Dora on an iPad. We had a hard time convincing her to get back in the van with us.

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