Grand Forks to Cathedral PP

After two weeks in Grand Forks, with great difficulty we loaded our spoiled selves back into the van and hit the road once again.

On our way to visit a friend in Kelowna, we decided to take the long route and go through Osoyoos and Keremeos. The trip over Anarchist Mountain down into Osoyoos via some crazy hairpin corners was definitely worth the hype. The absence of our dearly-beloved A/C - may it rest in peace gave us the full experience of Canada's only desert. A swim break in big-money Osoyoos was nice but the highly-manicured park and beach created the overwhelming impression that we were about to get kicked out for trespassing. Also the sheer number of jet skis had Daniel Tosh's joke about money not buying happiness running through my head on a loop.

The trip into fruit country made us laugh with the huge number of gaudy signs hawking fresh peaches (and samosas) like Vegas meets Amsterdam.

The long, mostly deserted, single-lane unpaved forest service road into Cathedral PP was a bit more rustic than anticipated but RW commented that he wasn't really worried until he saw a man walking down the side of the road in the baking heat who looked like an extra from "The Milagro Beanfield War". Happily, we finally arrived at the park and were able to camp beside the beautiful Ashnola River.

~ A

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  1. Love the Milagro Beanfield War reference. Takes me back to sourgrass soup with crackers and pony rides...