Kelowna to McDonald Creek PP

Leaving Kelowna, we were officially heading in the direction of Edmonton for my brother G's wedding.

However, lured by the promise of two free inland ferry rides, we decided to leave the "Mountains and Vineyards" route to take the much less direct southern route through the Okanagan Highlands to the Arrow Lakes before heading northward to reconnect with the Trans Canada at Revelstoke.

This route enabled us to check out the beautiful area around Nakusp. According to Lonely Planet, the town of Nakusp was moved to its current location during the "orgy of damn building" that occurred in BC during the 50s and 60s. The road into Nakusp is also known for the giant osprey nests that perch atop of the electrical posts.

Pulling in to McDonald Creek PP, we got a hot tip on an amazing campsite that had just become available for one night (#32, FYI). With a gorgeous view of the sunset and a sweet breeze off the water, we slept very well that night.

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