Monck PP to Nanaimo

In the morning we left the ponderosas to head back into the sky-scraping mountains and then into the Lower Mainland area.

RW insisted that I get a picture of the lake, beside the train tracks, with a view of the mountains. So people would know where in Canada we were.

We took a break in Langley to pick up some amazing prune plums and an awesome used scooter for B.

Taking the shiny new Port Mann bridge (which reminds me that I should pay that toll...) we drove through North Vancouver up to Horseshoe Bay for the ferry to Vancouver Island (Nanaimo).

On the ferry, B enjoyed playing in the tv-filled, boat-themed "Kids Zone" (aka the SS Mouthbreather) and RW got to enjoy a view of the water six decks up from the safety of the wall railings.

Taking a chance on online RV park reviews, we made the quick post-ferry drive to Living Forest Campground and RV Resort and were happily-surprised to find it a beautiful, forested camping area. With all the RV amenities.

~ A

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  1. Oh yeah, the lake by the train tracks with a view of the mountain. I was there. Beautiful! Nice Bender too ...