Cape Disappointment SP to Salem (OR) (via Portland)

From Cape Disappointment we opted to head inland to visit a couple of must-see Oregon cities: Portland and Eugene.

Leaving Washington State, we took the 6.8 kilometre Astoria-Melgar Bridge into Oregon and on to the "Sunset Highway".

In Portland, we found great, cheap parking right downtown in a lot surrounded by cool food carts... and proceeded to try none of them. We did however hit a few great Portland spots including: coffee at Stumptown, a photobooth at Ace Hotel, browsing books at Powell's, an amazing PBLT (pork belly, lettuce and tomato) at Lardo and ice cream at Ruby Jewel.

Wrapping up in Portland, we made the short drive to Salem, passing signs for The Dalles and Willamette which made me seriously nostalgic for my misspent youth playing hours of Oregon Trail (cholera anyone?).

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