Ocean Point SP to Cape Disappointment SP

Staying on the coast, we took Route 101 which traces some of the route taken by Lewis and Clark through many sloughs and little towns like Raymond (distinguished by tons of neat metal statutes on the roadside), South Bend (a quaint village self-declared as the "Oyster Capital of the World") and Ilwaco (a forgettable town we will never forget).

Ilwaco initially had little to recommend itself as a stopping point - other than the closest laundromat that the GPS could locate - however, the two hours we spent there were rather memorable for several reasons. First was the laundromat's strategic location across the street from Don's Portside Cafe and Pizzeria which, in addition to free wifi, served a tasty, snack-sized hamburger (provided that snack was being split 3 ways). Second was the locating of a 3 pound bag of Lifesavers Wint-o-Mints (a roadtrip-acquired addiction) at the small grocery store in town. And third, but not least, was when the rather rough-looking gentlemen smoking outside Ilwaco's local wateringhole "The Seahag" very sweetly complemented us on our cute kids. Ilwaco, you won our hearts.

Cape Disappointment SP (mis-named by English fur trader John Meares to reflect his emotion state at having not found the Columbia River) was a beautiful park with several nice beaches we enjoyed exploring.

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